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Jesper M. Ganc-Petersen Erik B. Jørgensen
Born: 1974, Fredericia
Born: 1975, Odense
Jesper has travelled in most of the world and have a special love for Greenland and South America. From 1999-2001 has he been working for the Sirius Patrol and has through his work made a knowledge of Greenland. Jesper is a doctor with interests in medication for expeditions and traumatic things. He is owner of the adventure company, Nerthus-Explore, where he crossed the inland ice in 2006 and in 2008. When Jesper not is travelling or training adventuresport he works in Norway as doctor. Jesper is a true fiery soul who has an amazing strength in his will.

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Erik is a fiery soul and has among other things worked in the Sirius patrol 1999-2001 and has afterwards served the commando units as medical soldier, NK and patrol leader from 2002-2007. Besides that Erik has travelled all around the world, been giving lectures about his experience, cooperation etc. with his company Komud (started in 2008). In 2007and 2008 Erik crossed the inland ice for Nerthus-Explore as guide. Erik is a very active person who uses a lot of hours by intensive training and different kinds of outdoor life

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