A short description of who and what our co-operators have done:

Alphafilm: Alphafilm has told us have to do, and giving us advice on how our project could be documented best, and under our filming they have helped us with getting a camera. They also have done a lot of fund searching, worked on our recordings and hopefully for showing it on tv.

The Institute of Arctic: They let us use their archives for the expedition so we can get a historical perspective in our story. We are paying the institute of arctic back by letting them see our descriptions, planning documents, diaries, pictures etc. When the institute was established was it for collecting knowledge about the polar areas and expeditions in those areas, so it is just natural for us to contribute to their work. We have also have an amazing advance from the work of Bent Nilsen by his big work for fund searching.

Friluftslageret/Summit Shop: These two outdoor shops in Odense have help us with ordering the equipment for the expedition. They have been our sparring partners, from our big experience from earlier trips their lots of experience in equipment and trips as well. By working together we have found the equipment we mean are best for our use. On the way and afterwards we will review the gear we use, so everyone can take advance of our experiences.

Klättermusen: They have supported our project with clothes. The deal is made with Friluftslageret/Summit Shop because they are the biggest exporters of Klättermusen in the world. Klättermusen makes some of the finest and most solid expeditionclothes we have seen. We are very excited about their support. The Sirius patrol will also start to use some of their products.

The house of Knud Rasmussen: They let us use their archives at the museum, because our predictions and historical perspectives will be seen in the light of the achievements by Knud Rasmussen. The house of Knud Rasmussen will before, under, and after the expedition do projects with school classes about the achievements of Knud Rasmussen compared to modern trips as ours. We will doing the trip be in connection to the house of Knud Rasmussen and the classes who takes part of it, by satellite phone.

Komud: It is Erik’s (a participant) company who has used a lot of experience and time for this project. After the expedition he will give some lectures, make a book and a movie about the trip. See more on

Nerthus Explore: That is Jesper’s (a participant) company. He has used his experience with planning, finding permissions and his many contacts in this project. His experiences has he gotten from many crosses over the inland ice and other expeditions. Witch all have done this project to reality. See more on

Gyldendal: We have made cooperation with Gyldendal by receiving and collecting material for releasing a book afterwards. Expected release in 2010.



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