The Expedition

The planning began back in 2003 and the trip has changed at lot of times since, but took its final shape for about 1½ years ago. The last 8 months we have been working hard on the whole project, with the ups and downs there will be. It is amazing how things can change in proportion to the already scheduled. The most difficult things is always those where you don’t have the knowledge your own. But with a few humps in the way, we should be ready now with a lot more experience.

We will of course write a lot more about the planning in our book.

The plan was to walk from Thule to Thule, but as the things developed the trip was changed so we now begin in Kangerlussuaq (Sønderstrøm Fjord), and then walk across the inland ice, northeast, to Vildtland and Navy Cliff. From there we walk down the ice to Independence Inlet. We walk through the inlet and further north around Greenland past Kap Bridgeman and the world’s most northerly point connected to ground, Kap Morris Jesup. Then further towards Nyeboe Land and over Hall Land. From there we walk to Washington Land and Inglefield Land to the most western point in Greenland, Kap Alexander, and all the way to the end of the trip in Qaanaaq (Thule) the July 15, 2009, a total of about 3500 km.


On the way we will look at the historical prospects which have a connection to the areas we passes. We will bring small historical notes out on our diary day by day. Afterwards in our book, we will write a lot more about the different expeditions, why they were here, how they made maps etc. Our movie will mostly build on the expeditions of Knud Rasmussen.
We will experience a lot of history as things left behind, beacons etc. We will pass areas where people have had succees, disasters, rescued and lost lives, all just for being the first. We will despite that collect knowledge about animals, plants and the weather. Some of it has found its real place in history and some has been forgotten. All that we will experience, by passing through the areas and arrange it in exciting and amusing ways.
We will transport everything our self, on sledges, we have 3 each, where we have our food and equipment for 90 days. We will walk on skies through the whole trip, and be help from kites when there is enough wind. A kite is a thing we can use to pull us forward be using the wind.

We have received a lot of help from many people and companies, and we want to thank them for that. Read more abour our cooperators under the menu. Our own expectations is that we are going to have a great trip. It is going to some tough days, but we will also have time for enjoying the trip and have a great look at the animals when time is. Our experience should give us some extra energy, so we can make films and transmit our experiences the best way from a nature and a area very few people have seen. We hope you also will enjoy the mission.

Kind Regards
Jesper og Erik