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On a hunt after the ultimate adventure, is Thule to Thule become a reality. The planning already started back in 2003 and is talked through many times since, readjusted etc. A distance at about 3500 km has to be covered by the two participants, Erik Bruun Jørgensen and Jesper Melin Ganc-Petersen, over 3-4 months. Only by sledge, skis and kites

March 15, 2009 starts the expedition from Kangerlussuaq (Sønderstrøm Fjord). Crosses over the inland ice northeast to Vildtland, through Independence Fjord. From here north around Greenland past Kap Morris Jesup, Hall Land, Kap Alexander and ends in Qaanaaq (Thule) about June 15, 2009. All the way in the footprints of Knud Rasmussen I and II Thule Expedition, Peray’s many expeditions in the area and many more. Expected to finish June 15 2009.

On the way we will put the stories and our experiences on a diary log on the homepage. At the historical part, the cooperation with Institute of Arctic and the house of Knud Rasmussen has given us a lot of good contacts which can add a lot of unique knowledge to the project. We will review our equipment from Friluftslageret/Summit Shop and Klättermusen. We will take movies, pictures and notes doing the whole trip, for a new book, released by Gyldendal. Despite that we make a series of movies about the expedition in cooperation with Alphafilm.

In overall it has to be a trip for the experiences, and not because of the fact that it is going to be hard or has to be done quickly. We are two adventures who wants to experience, enjoy a great nature, and said by a few words, it has to be “Our Adventure”. But we will try to bring it down to ground level and out to all your viewers on this homepage, in a way where we honestly tell about the experiences, mistakes, disappointments, succeeds etc.

We hope we can contribute to new thoughts, information, knowledge and a push in the right way so that you can get on your own adventures.

Kind regards
Jesper and Erik



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